How Coronavirus Has Impacted Internet Usage

a person sitting at a table with a laptop and papers on it

Once the coronavirus hit, it sparked massive shutdowns across the world. Stay at home orders lead to an insurmountable amount of people browsing the internet at any moment. This increase in screen time has made reliance on the internet more evident. Continue reading to learn about how the coronavirus has affected internet services, and how to get the most reliable and affordable internet service provider for you.

All Day, Every Day

Whether you experience it first hand or not, one thing is clear. Internet usage has skyrocketed since many have been asked to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is at home, during almost any hour of the day using the internet. These demographics include the unemployed, employed but required to work remotely, and students from elementary school to the collegiate level. No matter who you are, it’s likely that you’ve been using your wifi, laptop, or mobile device to surf the web, play video games, scroll on popular apps, stream tv, or get some work and homework done.


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Internet Speed

Unfortunately, this large amount of people using the internet to shop and work can reportedly cause some slower connection speeds. For reference, these speeds are commonly measured by Mbps or megabytes per second. Many contributing factors determine what you pay for your internet service. These factors are download speeds and upload speeds. Another factor is where you reside.

If you live in a rural zip code, you might have to get your internet from a satellite. Satellite commonly has slower speeds and lower bandwidth. On the other hand, if you live in the city, you may have a closer connection to towers with faster speeds for browsing and higher bandwidth. Overall, internet speed is one of the biggest reasons you pay more for your internet service provider. What this means for you is to make sure you’re getting the best wi-fi speeds and internet service for the price you currently pay.

Compare Rates

You want to ensure you’re getting the best value and internet speeds for your internet during these times. If you’re unhappy with your current speeds and internet provider, make the switch to another plan. Plans can include your speed specifications, mobile device data, and a preference for data caps. With keeping all of this in mind and more technicalities, it can feel overwhelming navigating the many internet service providers. Comparison tools from iSelect make this process so much simpler.

With their tools, you can efficiently compare internet plans. For no additional fees, you can explore the internet plan you desire to get a quote for your new internet service provider. By letting their consultants navigate all of the internet providers on the market you can get the best discounts, download speeds, wifi, and reliability that you need for this at-home transition.