The Job Market for Communication Degree Holders

Group of multicultural business people communicating and using technology in creative office.

The job market for communication professionals is competitive but fulfilling. To succeed, you’ll need to pursue an in-demand job in the communications industry that you’ll love. But what jobs are available to communication degree-holders? Check out this guide to find out.

What types of jobs are available for communications degree holders?


The field of communication is very versatile and can lead to many different types of jobs. The most common jobs for communications degree holders are marketing, public relations, and advertising. These jobs are attainable to those who earned their communication degree online or in person. These positions typically require strong writing and speaking skills, as well as creativity and strategic thinking. Communications graduates can also find work in journalism, broadcasting, and web development. Additionally, many businesses are looking for employees with strong digital media skills, so communications degrees can be a great asset in the job market.

You may also want to consider more niche roles related to communications, like podcasting. Podcasting involves writing and speaking—two skills that communications majors excel at. This job requires you to write scripts, talk clearly, and interact with guest hosts. You may also be interested in becoming a politician, a motivational speaker, or a spokesperson for a brand. If you prefer something that focuses on internal communication, sales and customer management are both roles that would suit your personality and skills.

Is there potential for self-employment in a communications career?

There is plenty of potential for self-employment in a communications career with the right entrepreneurial spirit. You could start a small business and work as a freelance writer, editor, or graphic designer. Freelance projects are great if you want flexibility in your work day, and there are several freelance platforms you can advertise your skills with. You could also create your own marketing or public relations firm if you’re comfortable seeking your own clients for a while. However, it’s important to remember that starting your own business takes a lot of hard work and dedication. When you begin working for yourself, you’ll need to wear many hats to get your desired workload. This is an excellent time for you to brush up on the marketing and public speaking skills you learned in school.

You’ll also want to use social media platforms to help boost your presence. Since you’re working on your own terms, you have the freedom to choose what you post when you post it; just make sure you try to consider social media best practices before jumping in. Many freelancers choose to create TikToks to share their career goals, their products or services, or their lifestyles. This helps establish your personal brand and gain followers, which ultimately leads to gaining new clients.

What are the prospects for advancement in a communications career?


The prospects for advancement in a communications career are excellent. With a degree in communication, you can pursue roles in marketing or advertising, which offer various managerial advancement opportunities. Some employees advance to executive positions with more one-on-one time with high-profile clients. You can also work in government or nonprofit organizations where you can move up the ladder to become a manager or executive. You can also start your own business and become your own boss. For those who don’t want to become a manager, you have the potential to grow in a senior role or carve out your niche. Some people prefer a more sales-focused role, while others like a client-nurturing role. Either way, you have plenty of options for your future.

Communication degree holders are in-demand in many industries. Before jumping onto a specific career path, it’s important to be aware of the different specialties within the communication field and to focus on developing the appropriate skills. With that in mind, you’ll be able to pursue a communications role you love.