3 Reasons to Use CoolJarz for Your CBD Startup

a bottle of liquid with a cork on a wooden surface

The cannabidiol (CBD) industry is booming, and those looking to capitalize on the growing demand for CBD products can do so with the right research and support. But while the main focus is on growing hemp, getting the right licenses and permits, and creating a thorough marketing strategy (all very necessary items), some brands might not think about packaging until much later.

Fortunately, there are companies like CoolJarz that can handle all of your CBD packaging needs. If you’re looking to start your own CBD startup, here are three reasons to enlist the help of CoolJarz for your products.

1. CoolJarz makes it easy for you to package, market, and even prepare your own CBD products.


There’s a wide range of CBD products out there that customers are looking to purchase. Whether they need vape cartridges, CBD prerolls, or CBD edibles, you need to have high-quality packaging and support to ensure that you have a steady supply of these products coming out. This is where CoolJarz comes in. CoolJarz is a branding and packaging company with over 30 years in the industry offering a wide range of products from preroll tubes to edible jars. Their innovative machines make it easy to fill cartridges with CBD oil, apply your branded shrink sleeves with ease, and even seal tubes to ensure freshness. Better yet, they offer custom branding to help you create standout labels that define the customer experience and make sure that everyone knows your name once your CBD products start making their rounds.

If you’re looking for a wholesaler with the best deals and the ability to fully support your entrepreneurial endeavors while providing a premium customer experience, you need CoolJarz!

2. Their products make it easy for customers to keep their CBD products fresh.

Certain products like CBD flower can easily dry out, develop mold, and become less potent over time if the herb isn’t properly stored. Keeping weed fresh is crucial to getting the best possible experience when trying out CBD. The problem? Not all companies sell high-quality containers that ensure customers can keep their flower-based products safe. CoolJarz can. With their dark designs and airtight pop-top bottles and screw-top jars, it becomes easier for your customers to store their CBD products in a cool dry place and avoid the issues that come with humidity and exposure to heat and sunlight. The last thing you want to do is to have customers take advantage of special offers and stock up on products that expire much sooner than anticipated.

3. You can boast the selling point that your product packaging is eco-friendly.


Most modern business owners are aware of the dangers plastic poses to the environment. This is why having solutions is so important, especially in an industry popular among health and wellness communities. Fortunately, CoolJarz offers its own recycling program to ensure that your plastic doesn’t end up in landfills, and they even create their own EcoLite containers that are entirely reusable and contain up to 50 percent less plastic. Additionally, this eco-friendly CoolJarz packaging is of food-grade quality, is BPA-free, and keeps CBD products fresh.

Your packaging undeniably plays a role in the customer experience. Cheap products that break or even malfunction and impact freshness can mean the difference between thriving and driving your customers to other CBD brands and businesses online or near you. If you’re ready to provide the high-quality experience that customers demand and create a brand they will remember, use the three reasons above as incentives to begin looking into CoolJarz for the right storage containers, branding, and machines that your business may need.