5 High-Tech Business Ideas You Can Start This Year

a group of people working on a laptop

Starting your own business is never easy—in fact, it’s often considered one of the most challenging things most people will do in their lifetimes. There’s a common-held belief that the majority of small businesses fail in the first year, but this actually isn’t true. It’s the years after the first you really need to worry about. Only about half of businesses make it past the five-year mark, and only one in three will survive more than a decade.

Insufficient capital is the most common reason businesses fail, so you’ll not only need to survive starting your business, but you’ll need to maintain and expand for long-term success. This may seem like a discouragingly tall order, especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, but tech-related businesses are still great for first-time entrepreneurs. Tech jobs tend to have high earning potential, and they can generally be done remotely. Here are some of the best tech business ideas you can start on right away.

Online Gaming

Multiplayer games are extremely popular from classics like Team Fortress to recent success stories like Fall Guys. If you have skills for game development or the drive to learn, creating your own multiplayer game is a project you can work on in most conditions and launch on your own terms.

One of the most important things you’ll need is a dedicated game server. Dedicated servers aren’t free, but they’re needed to ensure gamers have reliable and fast connections to ensure your game servers don’t get overloaded by high player counts and to cut down on latency issues. Your needs may vary, but larger development teams tend to prioritize their game servers and matchmaking, so you might want to invest in a dedicated server that can handle extremely high workloads and provide DDoS protection.

Online Teaching

Are you an educated expert in a certain area? Can you demonstrate your mastery of a marketable skill? Do you know multiple languages? If you answered “yes” to any of these, you may be able to become an online teacher. You’ll just need a router, a reliable internet connection, and a webcam to get started. You can find work as a freelance online teacher/tutor, or you can use a service like Teachable to create and sell your own courses online.

Content Creation

Speaking of creating something, if you have a talent for video production and editing, you can go into the content creation business like your favorite YouTube stars. Of course, online content creation isn’t limited to just video, though that is the most popular type of content. You can also supplement a video channel with a blog or other written content. Consider hosting a podcast if that fits your skills more. All the skills and lessons you learn through content creation can be used to boost any kind of business venture you have in the future with a good content marketing strategy.

Mobile App Development

Every business needs a website, and these days the most successful businesses have mobile apps too. Apps help increase visibility with customers, and they make it easy for businesses to communicate directly with their audiences and for customers to make convenient in-app purchases. If you want to be an app developer, you’ll need to be familiar with platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services since such platforms are where your apps will live.

Your development team will need security, and Turbot cloud governance has you covered. You can easily assign permissions for each team member thanks to automated policy guardrails, and your team can use single sign-on technology to gain access to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud consoles to develop apps. Automatic encryption and backup protocols ensure that all your data is safe.

Social Media Consulting

If you aren’t confident about coming up with business ideas yourself, you can always help other businesses improve. If you’re skilled with social media and up to date on all the latest trends, you can promote yourself as a social media consultant and help businesses gain more likes, followers, and shares. This idea has the advantage of being low-risk since there’s virtually no startup cost, and you can easily do this from your own home.