How Advanced Analytics Is Used in Cyber Security

a laptop computer on a desk

As data becomes more and more integral to the way that businesses function, so, too, does cybersecurity. This is because being able to protect your customer’s personal data has become more and more important at a time when data breaches from high-profile companies are becoming more common as well. If you want to keep your customers happy, it’s important that they be able to trust you with their personal data, and cybersecurity is a major component of keeping that kind of consumer trust.

Thankfully, while the proliferation of data and data analytics has necessitated a higher level of data security, it also enables more powerful approaches to cybersecurity. With the right advanced analytics insights and tools, you can complement your existing cybersecurity tools in order to more successfully manage your business. Read on to discover the different ways that cybersecurity platforms and advanced analytics tools can work hand-in-hand to protect your business and customer’s interests.

Full-featured cybersecurity platforms keep your staff safe.

Having and using the right cyber-threat intelligence platform is crucial in today’s fast-paced world of business. Technology provides myriad benefits to your company, but that same technology can be used against your business if you don’t have the right protocol in place to address hacks and other breaches. It’s important to take hacks seriously and act quickly, and part of this has to do with detecting breaches in the first place. With the right cybersecurity platform, it’s easier to detect a hack faster and respond more quickly, too.

Of course, the other features offered by your cybersecurity platform are just as important, especially if you’re running a large business. While it’s important to be able to detect hacks, protecting your staff and your networks from these attacks in the first place is even better. The right cybersecurity tools can help you safeguard your network and devices as well while keeping your business compliant with the latest security measures. Having a platform that both secures and monitors your staff and their devices is crucial if you want to take cybersecurity seriously.

Advanced analytics can help detect any anomalies in your business.

One tool that you probably already use in your day-to-day operations, advanced analytics, can also be a powerful way of taking stock of your business from a cybersecurity perspective. This is because advanced analytics tools like machine learning and AI can also be used to monitor different aspects of your company. Even predictive analytics can help you determine whether or not some business event is within the realm of possibility for your company or if it is actually an anomaly that signals bad actors maliciously infiltrating your business’s networks or devices.

Without advanced analytics tools, it’s not possible to leverage historical data and create the benchmarks you need to compare existing data to in order to determine any cybersecurity breaches. Plus, the fact that artificial intelligence tools can help monitor this data for any discrepancies means that your IT services team doesn’t need to completely dedicate each workweek to monitoring your networks for any cybersecurity risks. Just like picking a fully-featured cybersecurity platform, harnessing the power of new technologies allows you to work smarter instead of working harder.

While it’s true that one of the biggest threats to your business at any given time has to do with cybersecurity, there are plenty of tools out there to help protect you from ransomware, data hacks, and other cybersecurity attacks. It’s important to remember that larger companies will have a bigger target on their head when it comes to hacks (as evidenced by the recent news about government breaches). As such, if you have an enterprise-level business, it’s best to invest in the right tools to keep your interests safe.