Increase Sales, Generate Leads, And Come Out On Top With These Tech Tools

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Every business faces a wide variety of challenges when trying to increase sales. Finding leads, communicating effectively with customers, and building relationships after closing deals are all part of the process. Even after putting together a list of promising leads, actually getting a response from them can feel like pulling teeth. Sometimes it’s a matter of asking your leads the right questions before making a pitch, and sometimes you simply need to find a way to stand out from your competitors. While it’s certainly a good idea to train your sales team into an elite force, every sales team will face largely the same hurdles. The following tech tools can be great additions to your team.


Leadfeeder is a tool that lets you check what companies visit your site even if they’ve never filled out any information on the site or made contact with you in any way. It can also tell you how the companies found your site and what they may be interested in. This tool uses Google Analytics to identify companies, prioritize them based on their activity, and update you with contacts based on the most promising leads. Leadfeeder is a great tool for boosting sales performance since those visiting your site are likely ready to buy from the right company, and Leadfeeder can easily integrate with tools you’re already using.


Salesloft is a platform that allows users to quickly and seamlessly move between pursuing new leads, engaging with current leads, and supporting existing customers. Its intuitive database of lead and customer information lets users engage via live chat or email conversation to create personalized customer experiences. Account tiers also make it easy to customize approaches for high-level accounts while automating processes for lower tiers. This saves your sales team valuable time and lets them spend more of it on customers.

Stratics Networks

Stratics ringless voicemail providers can make your marketing campaigns and customer outreach move much more smoothly and free up agents for other tasks. Ringless voicemail, also called voicemail drop, lets your agents leave pre-recorded messages directly on a contact’s voicemail server. This bypasses the traditional calling process and saves everyone’s time.

This has clear applications for telemarketing, though you’ll need to be sure to abide by TCPA regulations for “robocalls.” Voice drop has been a point of debate with some claiming their pre-recorded nature fits the definition for a “robocall,” while others argue that they can’t be considered a call at all since they bypass most of the process. Regardless, marketing is just one potential use.

Voice drops are also great for engaging existing contacts. Agents can save time by simply clicking to leave a message for every unanswered call rather than having to read an entire script each time. You can also use the platform to send unlimited IVR surveys or to start a text or SMS campaign.

Hubspot Service Hub

All the sales and lead-generating software in the world won’t complete your team. You still need great customer service, and Hubspot brings everything together in one place. The platform offers a shared inbox that contains all customer conversations and allows for multichannel capabilities. This means that customers can connect with agents via their preferred communication methods like email, SMS, webchat, and more. Bots can even be used to give automated answers to common questions. This allows for quick and personalized customer experiences that they’ll no doubt appreciate.


Sometimes it’s nice to be able to find out a bit more about who you’re doing business with or communicating with. GoLookUp allows users to search names and find results for anything on public records, including public crime records. While the information gathered by the site isn’t meant to be used to make any employment decisions, it can be useful for gathering background information.