Bathroom Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

a bathroom with a tub sink and a shower

The bathroom is the busiest room in the home and is usually designed to be functional and practical with little design flair. There is something to be said for the clean feeling of a bright, white bathroom, and the trends for 2020 are going to put a new twist on functionality. From a modern style that maximizes space to color bursts and hardware styles, these are the bathroom trends to watch out for in 2020.

It’s All About Standing Out

Bathroom accents are a quick way to make a statement, and shapes happen to be in this year. Wall-mounted and elevated tapware with clean lines and simple silhouettes are popular options. Expect to see finishes in gold and copper metallics, matte black, and brushed nickel. Exposed shower pipes add a modern industrial touch to the shower.

Mixing and matching tiles of varied sizes and patterns to create a unique look is a bold design choice. Traditional Moroccan concrete tiles have been trending in modern design over the years. Marble will be making its way onto bathroom vanities and walls. Expect to see rich, bold, and unusual marble.

2020 will see a rise in free-standing vanities that have character and practical, ample storage space. Small, compact bathrooms and powder rooms will see a rise in pedestal sinks, which give the illusion and feel of space. Framed mirrors in unique shapes and sizes are also popular to hang above the vanity.

Say it With Color

Marbleized wallpaper gives a glamourous impact to a bathroom whether covering all four walls or just one feature wall. Crisp white subway tiles give a timeless and clean look to a bathroom. Use colored subway tiles, from bold jewel tones to airy pastels, to modernize the look. Many modern designs are moving away from bright and light and moving toward dark and moody color palettes.

Increasingly bathrooms are using a nature-loving, or biophilic, design. Bathrooms can incorporate a few potted plants or be as complex as crafting an indoor garden into the design. Plants give a home natural beauty and fresh air and are sure to trend in 2020.


Feature lighting in retro styles and unique colors will be popular. The key to lighting a bathroom is to create the right mood and have the right amount of light in the mirror. Wall-mounted sconces and pendant lights make strong yet beautiful design statements. Bold minimalist styles include hanging single bulbs and modern geometric shapes.

Incorporating natural light into the bathroom is also becoming a popular design trend. Add a window above the sink or incorporate windows beside the vanity for subtle natural light.

Less is More

2020 will see an increase in boutique hotels and luxury spa-style bathrooms. Luxurious minimalism means simple palettes with statement finishes. Creating a calming mood takes a simple color scheme, free-standing vanities and bathtubs, and elegant tapware.

Frameless shower screens add a luxurious touch to any contemporary bathroom design. Stegbar frameless shower screens are elegant, simple, and spacious, and come in a range of designs. Shower screens are custom built to fit a bathroom’s exact measurements and come with a range of finely crafted hinges and hardware to enhance the design and give a luxury finish.

Concrete cool is a chic design style to make a minimalist statement. From walls to countertops, combining concrete with organic elements like wood and greenery creates a spa-like atmosphere.

Building a bathroom sanctuary in a basement is a great way to add functionality and value to a home. Consult Premier Wall & Anchor Waterproofing before doing any structural work. The basement repair company specializes in waterproofing basements and repairing foundations to ensure the integrity of a home’s structure is sound.

When it comes to your bathroom, certain style choices and elements can make or break the feel of the space. Keep these tips in mind to ensure your bathroom update or renovation is a massive success.