Lucrative Skills You Can Learn Online

a person working on a laptop

The world is different from what it was years ago, and this is due largely to technology. And its advancement has blurred the lines between fields, created new types of jobs, and also made some obsolete. For example, postmen are no longer needed as correspondence is now carried out via email and other social media channels.

This new world favors the competent i.e. those skilled enough to perform tasks. And while a college degree may have once been the main criterion for getting a great job, the present is not always the case. Fields like medicine, law, engineering, and the like still require a college degree but a lot of other disciplines are moving away from that. Now, it’s all about how much skill you have, especially in business.

High-income skills are skills that have high earning potential, and these are the skills you want. So here are some high-income skills you can learn online

Creative Writing

Creative writing is not limited to novels and pieces in magazines, and anyone that says creative writers don’t make money is flat wrong. A freelance copywriter can make as much as $10000 a month, or $1500 for one sales letter.

Technical writers earn an average of $59000 per year, more if they run their businesses. Novelists earn based on sales of their book, but their profit potential is quite high if the book turns out to be a hit, and the more popular they become the higher this potential becomes.

Companies that hire creative writers may not always require a degree but they will require competence and skill. The good news is that you can acquire the needed skills without a degree on platforms like Linfield that offer classes and allow you to carry out online learning self-assessment so you can keep growing at your own pace.


Our world of tech needs programmers and is willing to pay handsomely for their services. The average salary for a front-end web developer is around $69,000 per year. The average salary of a Javascript developer is about $79,000 according to Glassdoor. A machine learning specialist earns about $146,000 per year, according to Springboard.

Programming is a high-income skill that can fetch thousands of dollars even for novices and tens of thousands for intermediates.

You should know, however, that it’s not always smooth sailing and the myth that money starts rolling in once you learn to program is false. Anyone can indeed learn to code, but there are different levels of skill, and the entire field required enormous amounts of discipline, commitment, and time, and is also highly competitive as companies that offer the best packages throw a wide net during recruiting.

Luckily, the internet is equipped with vast resources that you can use to develop your programming skills. Also, there are tools that help ease your workload once you are on the path. One of such tools is the online javascript beautifier that helps arrange your javascript code in a format that is pleasing to the eyes (javascript developers understand).

Data Analysis

Data analysis is on the list of the most in-demand jobs in the US with a median salary of $110,000 per year. It is usually one of the hardest positions to fill because we live in a world that generates huge volumes of data and companies are willing to pay well for anyone that can study that data and make informed decisions based on it. And just like learning to program, data analysis requires time, effort, and commitment.

There are several tools that can be leveraged for data analysis and these tools can be learned using resources online.