A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make a Website for Vehicle Sales

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Selling products online is becoming the go-to for busy people around the world. People no longer base their opinions of your company on the building you are leasing or renting, they base their opinions on how professional your website is as well. Your website must be easy to use, readily available, and have the option of buying online. Ensure that you’ve got a good stock of vehicles before making your website go live online. Selling cars on a website is not very hard to do, you can set up your website yourself by performing the following steps.

1. Choose a Website Company

There are a lot of website-building companies online. The best way to choose a company is to check out their reviews. Most companies will allow you to build a free website so that you can go in and take a look at all the add-ons, themes, and plugins they have to offer.

2. Buy a Domain

Most website companies have a domain option where you can purchase your domain right from the site or you can choose to go with a company like Go Daddy for all your domain needs. If your company has a popular name, think of ways to personalize your website. Many companies choose a domain name that contains the city they live in. For instance, if your company name is Window Washers you can make your domain hwww.WindowWashersWashington.com.

3. Purchase an Email

Personalized emails add to the professionalism of your website. Let’s face it, giving people a free email from a popular company like Gmail or Hotmail doesn’t make your company look credible. You can usually purchase an email from the same seller as the domain.

4. Choose a Theme

You’re now ready to choose a theme for your site. There are thousands of professional-looking themes on the internet. You can customize your theme with your logo colors and personalized photos.

5. Choose a Commerce Plugin

If you’re planning on selling cars direct from your website, you’ll need to choose a suitable commerce plugin. Research each available plugin to see if it works well with your website builder before you go ahead and sign an agreement.

6. Create Your Website Design

Designing can be so much fun. Adding colors and photos to your theme and website design will bring traffic to your site. You should get a smart photo manager to ensure that your photos are safe and in one place for when you’re ready to use them. Ibi is safe, easy to use, and has no monthly subscription fee! Check out a review of Ibi to see all of the features available.

7. Go Live

Once you’ve got your website together it is time to go live! Ensure that all of the vehicles you’re selling are listed and the list prices are correct. The last thing you want is for your customers to feel as though the pricing is not stable.

If you’re in need of more vehicles to put on your website that are ready to sell, try looking into repossessed cars for sale. You can find all kinds of repossessed makes and models and purchase them online. The process is simple and once you’ve got them in your possession, just give them a quick detail and put your photos up on your website and they’ll be sold in no time!

Before you go live, ensure that you’ve got your domain name chosen and associated with your website, purchase a professional email, and be sure to have your prices and inventory listed. Offer a customer service number and list your professional email as a way for customers to reach you if they have more questions or want more pictures and watch as your customer base grows!