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Never Buy a Game Again with Online Game Services

Until recently the only way to get the latest games was to go to a store and buy a CD or DVD in a retail package, or to order the retail package from an online store such as Amazon. Even with the discounts available online the cost of gaming was high if you wanted to play the most recent releases.

More recently it has been possible to download games and avoid the cost of the retail package, however the cost of the games was still a high one-time purchase fee. What if you downloaded and paid for the game and didn’t enjoy it?

Services such as onlive now offer the latest and most expensive games on a play-on-demand basis. So long as you have a good internet connection you can play the games without downloading, and only pay a subscription fee. The tech behind these services is only possible with the use of high spec servers, high bandwidth connections and clever code.

Another advantage is the savings you can make on your home gaming rig – no need to update to the latest processor and graphics card every few months because the ‘heavy lifting’ is done on the server and not on your local pc. Have you tried online gaming services? Do you find them to be good value? Let us know in the comments.

Nokia Tube

nokia tube

Nokia’s reply to Apple’s iPhone is almost here. Apparently it could be shipping within the next 90 days. Features of note include java, and the ability to upload photos. Details of Nokia’s first foray into touch screen (and dare we say cool devices) are sketchy, more soon. For now check out the Nokia Tube.

Format War: Over!


Yes it is a bit late, but for those who missed it, the format war has officially been over for about a couple weeks.  Toshiba made a statement saying that it will “no longer develop manufacture and market HD DVD players and recorders”. It seems that ever since the fiasco at CES with Warner, HD DVD has been on the downhill. 

Toshiba has they have also stated that they have no plans to adopt Blu-Ray, but as Blu-ray seems to be the new next-gen format, they may inevitably have to. Hit the jump for Toshiba’s press release.

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Sony’s Tiny Bravia


Sony’s new XDV-D500 sports a 3-inch, 432 x 240 pixel resolution display with 160-degree viewing angle and a 500:1 contrast. Apparently it also has an impressive battery life of 8-hours of TV reception. Thanks to its 2GB internal memory, it can also record ‘up to 10 hours of scheduled programming’.
For you even tinier enthusiasts, the other model, XDV-G200, comes with a 2-inch LCD including AM/FM radio. However this model lacks the recording function. Unfortunately these two mini-TVs will only be available in Japan for about $400

iPhone 16GB and iPod Touch 32GB!

iPhoneThe new 16GB iPhone and 32GB iPod touch are now available in the Online Apple Store, with the same specs as its predecessors. The 3G iPhone is not in sight despite assurances, but we can be happy with what we have at the moment. Both new models will cost $499 and should be available immediately. Hit the jump for the press release.

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iPhone Takes on a Semi

iphoneFirst we had the iPod that took a bullet for a soldier, saving his life. We now have our very own iPhone that took, or rather, slid under and semi for no apparent reason. Mike Beauchamp left his iPhone on top of his car as he drove off, realizing several minutes later that he had done so. Running back to get it, he was just in time to see his shiny iPhone run over by a semi. Against all the odds, the iPhone was still working perfectly, with some cracks, scratches and bruises nevertheless. Can we chalk this up to some awesome manufacturers or just plain luck? Read the rest of this entry »

Cubey Speakers to Simulate Surround Sound

SpeakersWhile oddly resembling the companion cube to some gamers, JVC’s new SP-A440 speakers are to give a ‘broader’ sound coverage, resembling that of a surround sound experience. The SP-A440 has two play modes – theater mode provides the surround sound while music mode gives us a clear two-channel sound. Prepped to come in a multitude of colors (red, white silver, and naturally black), the new speakers should be shipping in late February in Japan for around $45. Hit the jump for additional pictures. Read the rest of this entry »

Xbox 360 Elite Laptop


He’s done it again. From the man who brought us the Xbox 360 laptop – one of our personal favorite mods, and arguably the most awesome thing to grace us since sliced bread – has come out with his brand new Xbox 360 Elite laptop, taking portable consoles to a whole new level. We can’t begin to imagine how Ben Heck would go about accomplishing such an amazing feat, but we sure as hell can sit back and let the envy flow.

Blow-Up Mouse – Literally


Ever wish you could blow your was inflatable? Ever wish you could blow up your mouse like a balloon? Well wish no more! Introducing, the Jelly Click. This inflatable mouse is here to cater to those who need ‘extreme portability’. Hit the jump for more details.

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Unveiled in the, slightly underwhelming, Apple keynote, the MacBook air will finally start shipping to all you slim, lightweight laptop enthusiast who can finally carry their laptop in nothing more than an envelope. Though complaints have arisen stating that the specs leave something to be desired, it cannot be argued that the MacBook Air is one sexy laptop. Albeit a sexy laptop without a CD drive and limited USB port space. Nevertheless, Apple fanboys rejoice!

80GB PS3 Is No More…

PS3As of late, there have been rumors surrounding the demise of the 80GB PS3 and even more speculation about a 120GB+ model with the new dualshock 3 (rumble included this time ‘round) said to replace it. While the rumors continue to run rampant as usually, it seems that it has been confirmed by GameStop that the 80GB is on the way out to make room for a new model. One with undoubtedly a bigger HD drive and possibly the new controller. However, it must be said that nothing official remains of this news. We’ll have to wait patiently for word from the top to see if a new model is in sight.

GT5 Prologue Dated, Surprise included!

GT5Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, Polyphony Digital’s ‘taster’ for the next installment of the renown series, has finally been dated and priced for release here in the US. Blu-ray and online download for the game will both be priced at $39.99, though the blu-ray release does come with some extra features for you enthusiasts. Set for release on the 17th of April, it seems that the US version will also come alone with a total of 60 cars! This is around 23 more than the Japanese version! What remains to be seen is whether the additional cars will be released on the PSN for you importers. Hit the jump for additional details.

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PSP Catches Skype

PSPSkype for the PSP was ‘officially’ unveiled at this year’s CES and today, finally, firmware update 3.90 brings it to a reality. Available via network update, those of you who live in Japan are going to have to wait a little while longer. Unfortunately, this shiny new feature will also require a shiny new PSP headset that retails at $20. Thankfully, everything else seems to be working fine, with a super sleek interface and a generally clear audio quality. There have, however, been some reports of noticeable lag when talking. Certainly nothing to put you off, but enough for you to notice it.

Incoming Shortages for Super Smash Bros. Brawl

SSBBThe highly anticipated Super Smash Brothers Brawl for the Wii is set to be released this week in Japan. Unfortunately it seems that Japan is in position to suffer major shortages throughout the rest of January and into February.  According to Nintendo, local retailers are expected to get a mere 25% of anticipated stock, while importers such as Play-Asia say that they only received enough copies to fulfill 15% of preorders. Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Source for iPhone Downloads

Great, so you’re really really lucky, and you got an iPhone. Well, that’s all well and good, but what good is it if you don’t have any content to use with it, such as music, videos, and TV shows? I’ll tell you, nothing. I’ve just found this site called iPhone Nova that allows you unlimited downloads of songs, movies, music, sports, and more. All it costs is this one time fee of $50, which is really cheap considering you can probably download 50 songs in like 10 minutes, depending on your download speed. Read the rest of this entry »

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